About Vieux

I believe my love of vintage stems from “working” at Louis Boyleston Realty and Auction with my mother in Pensacola Florida when I was a little girl. My job was to ferry the lot tickets from the auctioneers over to the accounting department, my mother and Gina. I remember watching her whisper to Louis when she really wanted something and he would place a bid for her. I remember the excitement and possibility when she bought a box lot knowing you could find almost anything.  I still feel the same thrill when I am in a vintage shop or at a rummage or estate sale. Vintage is about possibility and about falling in love with something you never new existed. Butterflies in your mid- thirties is pretty great.

 Vieux Contact Information

We are open by appointment - please call or text 469-394-3902 if you are interested in looking at a piece.
300 North Greenville
Richardson, TX 75081
Please email us at info@vieuxdesign.com if you have a question or are looking for something in particular.